Eric Lefkofsky is one of Chicago’s biggest tech entrepreneurs and innovators. Most people likely will know him for his work as the co-founder and developer of the Groupon application. Groupon has turned into a cornerstone for experiences at great prices thanks to the way it aggregates data, connects consumers to clients, and makes the entire process smooth and efficient. Now, Lefkofsky is looking to take that same mindset into his newest venture — Tempus.

Tempus is a medical research company that is seeking to innovate the way patients and healthcare professionals interface with the data that they need. The company is particularly focused on cancer research and that is how Lefkofsky has been focusing on bringing the project to market. So what is Tempus exactly? Well, Tempus is an operating system developed by Lefkofsky and his crew. The goal of this operating system is to digitize electronic medical records and streamline them into a data aggregate. The result of this function will be to make an aggregate pool and library of information that is accessible with the click of the button and learn more about Eric.

Those existing outside of the healthcare field don’t really understand just how difficult and demanding it can be for healthcare professionals to find out potentially lifesaving information. Lefkofsky routinely points to the medication Herceptin as his primary example. Herceptin is used to treat cancer and it has been found effective in roughly 40% of cases. Within those cases, both successful and not successful, is a wealth of information. If a healthcare professional wanted access to that information TODAY, before Tempus, they would likely need a grant and a few months time to sift through the data. Lefkofsky knows that this isn’t acceptable. Tempus seeks to make this data transfer an instantaneous affair and more information click here.

Lefkofsky knows that any progress in the healthcare field needs to be tempered with lower expectations. Lefkofsky says, “This will be a long journey. It’s an exciting journey.” Lefkofsky will seek to bring Tempus to market and if he is successful, and Tempus surpasses expectations, lives could begin to be saved in the near future all around the globe.

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