The activewear industry is one which has been growing immensely over the past few years with numerous new brands making their way into people’s wardrobes. One name that has managed to stand out from the rest of the competition significantly is Fabletics. In every way possible, Fabletics tries to be different and one of a kind, while still appealing to their customer base and offering them an incredible amount of options in the activewear category. Since the brand first started selling their clothes online, they have grown incredibly to become the multi-million dollar company that they currently are. The person driving the company on its path to success is Hollywood actress Kate Hudson. Kate is known to be an extremely fashionable person and is considered to be an icon in the industry. She is also someone who is extremely involved with fitness regimes and loves working out, which is why she knew what customers would want from a fitness and activewear brand. The company is owned by Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg who are two fashion Mughals who own Tech Style Fashion Group, which is a massive parent company that owns several brands like Fabletics. Just like the other brands under the umbrella of this parent company, Fabletics too operates through their online website. People who want to buy clothing from this brand can do so from the store that can be accessed through this site.


Fabletics is known to be one of the pioneers when it comes to selling through an online marketplace. The company operates like no other since one needs a membership plan to buy their products. This is a path that very few brands in this sector take and was a risky move which worked out well for the brand. This membership system allows customers to buy their clothes more regularly and in a much more convenient manner. This ease and convenience are what has attracted so many customers from all over the country. People nowadays tend to live hectic lives, managing numerous things. By giving them a system that lets them shop more conveniently and efficiently, they are offering their customers a much better experience, and one that they would not get anywhere else.


Fabletics also operates out of their retail stores that are set up in numerous locations throughout the country. Even though currently most of the sales of the brand happen through the website, they plan to open up more stores in the future to be accessible to a much larger customer base. The stores allow people to try on all the styles that they see online, and help them figure out what they would like to buy. The stores have been brilliant for the brand since they have helped translate a large number of people to their customer base who otherwise would not have gone in for products from this brand. The stores also have motion sensors and some of the best logistics technology to keep track of all the inventory, which is only shown online if the product is available in stock to prevent customers from being disappointed with the brand.

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